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Global Warming ClImate Change Mega Death Trend

Politics / Climate Change Apr 08, 2024 - 10:55 PM GMT

By: Nadeem_Walayat


Firstly I'm a climate change denier!

I deny the right of climate change to prevent me from getting richer! Large swathes of planet may become a scorched earth but I will be more than able to afford top end AC units, climate suits and indoor grown crops and meat to ensure it's impact on oneself and ones patrons proves to be limited, 10c for 10x!

I here a lot of too and fro about the science of global warming whether it's real or not but for me it's not rocket science, in fact it's pretty simple, we humans dig carbon out of the ground that's been locked away for hundreds of millions of years and then pump it into the atmosphere as Co2 a potent green house gas, what's so hard to grasp about that?

Yes, I understand that the amount of carbon that's being pumped into the air by humans is a mere pinprick to the amount of carbon that comprises the carbon cycle. So lets keep things simple, say the carbon cycle comprises 100,000 gigatons of carbon, where roughly half of which is locked away in the oceans,and carbon in the atmospheric is just 1000 gigatons and human activity adds a minute extra 1 gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere annually resulting in an increase of a mere 0.1% more co2 as a direct consequences of human activity, so no wonder many folks who look into the numbers decide that man made climate change is a load of nonsense.

However the key point is this that the trends are made at the margins, its why stocks bull markets rise on a wall of worry because it is very easy to construct a bearish narrative, humans only needed to have a pinprick effect to send the system haywire, off seeking a new higher equilibrium and that's where we are headed..... CO2 is a signaler, pay attention to the signals and you'll be on the right side of the mega-trends. That marginal +1gt per year is all it takes to trigger a huge rise in global temperatures as well as trigger black swan events such as the release of Methane from the ocean floor or from thawing permafrost which is about X30 times as potent a green house gas as co2! And remember this trend has been in motion for over 200 years.

Global Warming - Our goose was cooked decades ago! And what we have done since is to merely pay lip service to climate change! We collectively as a species have done NOTHING to prevent what is now starting to unfold, instead the reality is the exact opposite of all that spews out of the mouths of lying politicians and the MSM (Main stream morons) Propaganda networks. Understand this WE HAVE DONE NOTHING OVER THE PAST 25 YEARS TO PREVENT GLOBAL WARMING!

Look at the amount of barrels of oil produced per year where each barrel is pumping an addition 470kg of Co2 into the atmosphere of which a mere fraction is being captured.

They keep saying that fossil fuels are dead, where are they dead? Back in 2000 when the world supposedly finally decided to do something about climate change global oil production was 74.5 million barrels per day, today it is 102 mbd and forecast to continue rising to over 104 mbd by the end of next year.

Even worse in terms of carbon emissions is COAL where all that the West has done in reducing coal consumption over the past 20 years has been more than offset by China and India. Just look at the graph! We may as well have not bothered! All that pain in western coal mining communities was for NOTHING!

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By Nadeem Walayat

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